Paldo Bibim Men Noodles 650g

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Tantalisingly spicy Korean noodles, quick and tasty to serve cold.

Recreate the beloved street-food taste of Korea’s tangy bibim men mixed noodles in just 3 minutes, with this Paldo multipack featuring 5 instant servings. Simply boiled and drained, each portion is easily mixed with its included chilli sauce and served cold, with the springy ramen-style noodles providing the ideal chewy base for the tongue-tingling flavour, consisting of fresh chillies, soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, mustard and sweet apple juice. Best served with your pick of sliced meats, mushrooms, salad, kimchi or pickles.

How to use :

To prepare each portion of bibim men noodles:
– Boil 500ml of water in a pan.
– Add the dried noodles to the boiling water, lower the heat and simmer for approx. 3 minutes (until noodles are soft).
– Once cooked, drain the noodles and rinse them with cold water.
– Stir the included seasoning mix into your cold noodles thoroughly, before adding your preferred garnishes and serve.

Ingredients : 

Noodles [“Wheat” Flour, Palm Oil, Potato Starch, Salt, Emulsified Oil (Sunflower Seed Oil, Emulsifiers (“Soy” Lecithin)), Acidity Regulators (E501, E500, E339), Thickeners (E412), Canola Oil], Seasoning [Sugar, Water, Chilli Pepper, “Soy” Sauce (“Soy”, “Wheat”, Salt), Salt, Vinegar, Garlic, Soybean Oil, Red Chilli Paste, Apple Concentrate, “Sesame” Oil, Seasonings (Maltodextrin, Sugar, Sodium Libonucleotide (E635)), “Mustard” Powder, Flavour Enhancers (E640, E635), Acidity Regulators (E330), Onion Extract, Yeast Extract, Thickeners (E412), Colourings (Paprika Extract), Maltodextrin, Seaweed, “Sesame”, Spicy Seasoning (Glucose, Chilli Pepper, Salt)]. May contain traces of “Fish”, “Crustaceans”, “Molluscs”, “Milk”, Egg, “Nuts”, “Peanuts”, “Celery”, “Lupin” and “Sulphites”.

Nutration Information : 

Per 100g:
Energy: 1747kJ/418kcal
Fat: 16.0g
(of which Saturates: 7.2g)
Carbohydrate: 62.0g
(of which Sugars: 11.0g)
Protein: 7.2g
Salt: 2.23g


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